Without us knowing it in our daily lives, we are surrounded by many things that help us. Foods, tools, vehicles, medicine, and many more.  Those are all industrial products whose results can be useful for everyday life.

All these products result from the process of Indonesia’s local industry. The wealth of natural resources that are well managed makes Indonesian products able to compete and have a high value.

In the production of this video, Kementrian Perindustrian Indonesian and we want to deliver a message to the public to choose local products. Knowing, choose, and use more products made by the local industry is a step to support advancing the wheels of the local economy. With the #SemuanyaAdaDisini campaign, we want to support the realization of the Indonesian local industry to be even more advanced. 

Time Stamp/Crew

JUNE 2020


Director; Agung Maulana

DOP / Camera Operator: Argianto Fendy Fadia

Scriptwriter: Ferdy F Budiman

Editor: Shaftian

Voice Over Talent: Dimas Tri Adityo