Social media has become an important part of human life. Sharing personal stories, daily life, and events in cyberspace has become a normal routine nowadays. However, there are always good and bad sides. Likewise in social media. Bad comments, hate speech, bullying, of course, are unpreventable.

In collaboration with Menjadi Manusia, we bringing this concern to giving more awareness about the bad impact of hate speech and cyberbullying on social media. We package it as a short film so that audience can explore the feelings of a survivor from the story.

“Dua Detik” invites the audience to dive into the story of a cyberbullying victim facing her real life. The story of the main character named Dinda. Dinda is a model and public figure who has many followers on Instagram. The problem started when Dinda got a lot of bullying and criticism that bothered her in the Instagram comments section. Every day, Dinda survives hate speech and ridicule, but still has to live normally to carry out her daily busyness.

This story is based on social life, especially in cyberspace which often occurs in society. We add data and facts that confirm if cyberbullying has a lot of negative impact on its victims. We’re also hoped that “Dua Detik” will affect the audience’s two seconds of the audience to be wiser using on social media nowadays.


Time Stamp

Pre Production (December 2019 – Januari 2020)
Production (Februari 2020)
Post Pro (Maret 2020 – April 2020)
Release on June 2020



Dea Rizkita as Dinda (@dearizkita)⁣⁣
Kemal Ferdiansyah as Bapak (@kemalferdiansyah)⁣⁣
Nexa Paisan as Sarah (@nexapaisan)⁣⁣
M Fakhruddin Arrazi as Ega (@mfarrazi)⁣⁣
Carrensya Kiminayura as Dinda Kecil (@carrensya_kiminayura)⁣⁣
Khamesya Dewi as Teman Dinda (@khamesyad)⁣
Hanifa Zeta as Teman Dinda (@hnfzeta)
Alika Zahra as Teman Dinda (@_alikazahra_⁣)⁣
Rangga Andhikarama as Joni (@guerillagaga)⁣⁣



Directed by Agung Maulana
Produced by Ihsan Mursid, Rhaka G, Adam Abednogo, Levina P
Written by Ferdy F Budiman, Adam Abednogo
Director of Photography: Argianto Fendy Fadia
Project Manager: Rifki Ihsan
1st Assistant Director: Diana Anasta
2nd Assistant Director: Daviga Teguh⁣⁣
Art Director: M Danu Ega
Keygrip: Dwi Mohammad
Camera Operator: Rangga Andhikarama⁣
Sound Operator: Ambon Faizhal
Music & Compose by Fabian Winandi
Costume & Wardrobe: Ananda Putri
MUA: Raisa & Bilqis Quinta⁣⁣
Editor: Amilio Garcia
Colorist: Argianto Fendy Fedia
Still Photographer: Faris Rashif

Catering by SAMANA Food⁣⁣

Wardrobe by @hglhouse @gelap.ruangjiwa @serra.nata


Thanks to⁣⁣

Sekala T⁣he Common Place⁣ (@sekala_ )
File Studio⁣⁣ (@filestudio)
Gama Analognesia⁣⁣