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The lyrics video format has become a popular genre for record labels in recent times. Lyric videos make it easier for artists to reach their audience, as a karaoke medium, and allow the audience to better understand the contents of the song. The audience will also find it easier to enjoy the music if they can recognize the lyrics of the song.

Putra Surya released his newest single, entitled ‘Drama’. Tells a love story that runs without clarity and is full of dramatic twists. This single was released in August 2020 and became Putra Surya’s first debut in the Indonesian music industry.

The song tells about ‘Drama’, we implemented it into a retro atmosphere with assets in the form of cinema and theater in that era. The lyrics of the video are also complemented by the silhouette artwork of Putra Surya, which is packed with a minimalist pop art tone and mood.

Time Stamp/Crew



Putra Surya – Drama


Production by FREELENS Studio 

Producer: Ihsan Mursid

Directed and Concept by Ferdy Ferida Budiman

Art Director & Motion Designer: Amilio Garcia

Ilustrator: Ahmad Nur Jabar

Rotoscoping: Shaftian