Lip products are a top priority for women from all backgrounds. Safe lip products to take care of health, hydration, and also become coloring products for pretty looks. Especially for mom. Mom with a hectic schedule must be kept ‘on point’ in her daily looks. 

Therefore, it must be a product that can answer these needs. How a lip product maintains lip health, while still moisturizing, but on the other hand, it also provides a beautiful color to describe a mom’s personality. Kind by Pluie comes with that concern. Pluie Lip Cream is a matte lipstick with pretty shades that fit in Mom’s daily look and melt on lips with a soft-matte finish you’ll want to wear every day. 

According to that message, as a creative strategist, we provide activation and production content to deliver it from Kind by Pluie

Adjusting to conditions during a pandemic, Mom’s activities will focus on the house. Even though the activity is limited, Mom can still be productive in carrying out her business. Therefore, we implement everyday activities into portraits that can represent them. We also highlight the moments of mothers and children, which are mostly spent at home at this moment. We visualize this message as the Kind by Pluie brand image inspired by the power of Mom love. Then we arranged the results of these ideas and plans to become a channel that tells the existence of Kind by Pluie as a product that emphasizes your daily comfort.



Time Stamp & Crew

Pre Production November 2020

Production November 2020

Post Pro November – December 2020

Release on December 2020


Syahnaz as Talent

Nikita as Talent


Project Manager by Rifki Ihsan

Creative Director by Faris Rashif

Visual Concept by Septiana Yustika

Photographer by Naufal Hudhri, Khamesya Dewi, Lina Auliya, Rizqhu