The De La Salle Brothers took over the running of the school until they moved out in 1971. The De La Salle Brothers are a Catholic Order which works to improve the lives of young people in need. The school has been on … There were only a handful of men to help him. The College was founded in 1855 and was located on High Street in Clapham between 1855 and 1888. History. Reflections and Prayers for each day of the year. ‘Brother Laurence Hughes (on the extreme right of the photo) is now head of the De La Salle Brothers in the UK and has made statements at various abuse enquiries. The De La Salle order, ... image caption St William's Children's Home was run by the De La Salle Brothers, ... 'Bumpy' period expected as UK adjusts to new EU rules 3. The De La Salle School for Boys was established at 9 Richmond Crescent, Cardiff during the 1930s at a site formerly occupied by St Peter's Catholic Young Men's Society. A former Catholic Brother at De La Salle school was sent to prison for a second time for abusing young boys. The Brothers live by five vows. The original site for the school was nearby Oak Hill. John Baptist de La Salle founded the Brothers in France in 1679. The UK spokesman for the De La Salle order, which operated the school until 1995, told the Mail: 'St Joseph's was an ordinary private boarding school. He must have at the very least been aware of abuse at St Joseph’s.’ So I looked Brother Laurence up and saw that he has spoken out strongly against child abuse. The nuns eventually left Hove in 1966 and the site and buildings were acquired by the Diocese. They trained captains of industry, Hollywood stars, even a succession of Irish prime ministers. St John's College was founded in Southsea, Portsmouth in 1908 by the De La Salle Brothers as an independent boys' school.The founding headmaster was Brother Firme of Quiévy, France. The school trustees are the De La Salle Brothers. "De La Salle Brothers and Friends of De La Salle pray each day for all those who use this website." De La Salle school was amalgamated with several others and eventually became Cardinal Newman Catholic School. Paul Davey, who served as head of music at … It’s putting these vows into action every day that makes a … St Joseph's College was established in 1937 by the De La Salle Brothers, a Catholic order. The School was conducted by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and sought to provide an education within a strong Christian context. Their solid spiritual grounding gives them the support they need to undertake their remarkable work. When Birkfield house was bought Oak Hill was used as the College's prep school. It … Today over 5,000 Brothers and many thousands of lay partners continue in the De La Salle tradition. The Catholic De La Salle Brothers supported the ethos and ideals of Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers, and the Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. With the building of a new prep, Oak Hill ceased to be part of the school site. At the time of his death in 1719 there were 100 Brothers in 22 schools, teaching 5000 students throughout France.