Discovered Rachel’s last year and it’s pretty much ruined me for all other ginger beers. A good bar is only as good as its mixers. Okay this may be too much information since I’m not sure you can get Windmill Ginger Brew except locally in the Chicagoland area, but it’s wonderful enough that I called the business a couple weeks ago to see if they’re still selling at the Chicago downtown Farmers Market, that’s when I learned of their new packaging sizes. That’s a huge omission given the fact it would probably meet the criteria for being a high quality, excellent ginger brew. More than anything else it reminded me a lot of Goya’s Cola Champagne. LOVE this post. I can’t wait to try these! It’s pricy, but it’s worth it! The brew itself took around 12 months to perfect, with plenty of testing and retesting to make sure that the product was going to meet high expectations. 3 tsps garam masala powder. This brightly carbonated ginger beer has an herbal nose and spicy fire on the palate. I just found – The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer Co. in Dallas. …then I saw you include Gosling’s and Barritt’s, neither of which contain any ginger, but rather corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. Simply blend everything together and then pour soda water over. Buy now. I love this post – I am a ginger beer girl myself. This is a simple and easy to follow Jamaican ginger beer … Hope this doesn’t offend the purists. I have a few main characteristics that I look for in a good ginger beer: 1. Only place I could get it when I got home was online, $20 for a 6 pack. Want to make my own some day too. Since their craft beers are all excellent and their food is likewise excellent, it follows that they would probably apply their same standards to brewing ginger beer. The first time I took a sip of ginger beer I freaked out because it cleared my sinuses up, and I wasn’t even sick. Similar to ginger beer, Ginger Ale has a history as an alcoholic drink. I will definitely try that next time I get to Seattle. Like, there are real bits of ginger floating around in the brew! Um, hello I can broaden my ginger beer horizons. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. :). Can order in package of 24 cans, making it convenient and cans are recyclable. The damage: $1.99 at Cost Plus. Do not attempt. Thanks! That’s not saying it’s a bad ginger beer, I just don’t personally enjoy it and find it too fruity for my preferences. Lots of Bundaberg which was Whether you’re topping off a cocktail or washing down a shot of something stronger, Regatta’s 8-ounce cans are the perfect size for one drink without wasting any ginger beer in the process. We tried seven kinds of ginger beer, and a few burps later, found the best. The Go-To – Fever Tree Ginger Beer. I just tried Rachel’s (original and agave). Time to bring the party to everyone. As a collector/taster of Ginger beers myself, when I came across Blenheim, I thought I died and gone to heaven. Barritt’s in bottle=sugar. OBSESSED i tell you! Spicy, zesty and refreshing are words commonly used to describe our flagship beverage — a unique ginger beer with the original taste of Borneo. I used the spiciest ginger beer on the market – Reed’s Strongest. i’m OBSESSED with main root’s ginger beer. review process here. Ah Bundaberg, how I miss you! So they end up doing neither well. Want some. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 5. As you can see, the ginger beer scene is a blossoming industry with an eclectic range of choices that vary from sweet to spicy. Absolutely wonderful. Think of ginger beer as ginger ale on steroids: It's nonalcoholic but its deep and spicy ginger flavor makes it anything but innocent. It is superb. The majority of the brands I’ve listed above are also available online, although usually only in case quantities.