2 Timothy 4:8 (note) in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved (present tense) His appearing. NAS = disgrace(1), shame(5). “Looking to Jesus” furnishes all needful strength for running well our Christian race. The majority of our spiritual decay and barrenness arises from an inordinate admission of other things into our minds for these things weaken grace in all its operations. At the same time, he exercises complete faith as demonstrated by his passion. Thank You for His life example and His patient endurance in the face of the cross and make me more like Him day by day, in His name I pray, AMEN. The minute he takes his eyes off of the Lord Jesus, and turns them upon others, his pace in the Christian life is slackened, and his onward progress in grace hindered. Thou art enough for me! We find that death itself has often been preferable in the minds of men to shame; and even the most wicked and callous-hearted have dreaded the shame and contempt of their fellow-creatures far more than any tortures to which they could have been exposed. For if Jesus’ perfect faith had not led Him to the cross, our faith would be in vain, because there would then be no sacrifice for our sins, no righteousness to count to our credit. I. So let us live in the joy of heaven, let us live in the joy of ultimate victory, and this will enable us to bear all the toils and trials of our present life. Look at Jesus and be at rest. In short, the more you "consider Him," and are continually coming unto Him, the more lively and healthy will be the graces of the Spirit in your soul; while yet you rejoice, not in your fruitfulness—but only in Jesus and in what He has done and suffered. But surely it would cut many a knot and solve many a problem if we could cultivate the habit of studying the daily behaviour of our Lord as recorded in the four Gospels, and striving to shape our own behaviour by its pattern. ", Newell - Mr. Darby's words are illuminative: "When looking at Jesus" (which is here enjoined as the positive engagement of the soul, laying aside being negative) "the new man is active; there is a new object, which unburdens and detaches us from every other by means of a new affection, which has its place in the new nature and in Jesus Himself, to Whom we look, there is a positive power which sets us free." He is by our side. Vine says Jesus is a transliteration of the Hebrew name “Joshua” which means "Jehovah is salvation". The will to see you through; FIXING [OUR] EYES ON JESUS: aphorontes (PAPMPN) eis ton tes pisteos archegon kai teleioten Iesoun: See the well written devotional Fix Your Eyes On Jesus by Ann Ortlund), Westcott - The encouragement to be drawn from earthly witnesses passes into the supreme encouragement which springs from the contemplation of Christ. Likewise, the power of God through Jesus Christ is something we cannot ration. Moses ran his "race". A whole lot of people are It is a useful everyday religion. Literally translated it means "looking off," looking away from other objects to one, only one, and looking on that one with a steady, fixed, intent gaze. “You were all over the place.” To the next he said, “What did you look at?” “Well, sir,” he said, “I looked between the two horses to a tree that stood in the hedge at the other end of the field, right in front of me.” Now that man went straight because he had a fixed mark to guide him. Vine explains that "the joy set before the Lord was the anticipation of His glory with the Father and all that was to be the outcome of His finished work on the Cross, both in the present age and the ages to come. Jesus dying, Jesus interceding, Jesus the example, Jesus coming again. The "joy set before" Jesus includes His perfection completion of His Father’s will, His being seated on the throne at the Father's right hand, and the joy of presenting believers to the Father in glory. Psalm 123:2 Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress; so our eyes look to the Lord our God until He shall be gracious to us. Run the race. It is easy to write brave words about "eternal hope," and strew the path to the grave with flowers. It “was set before Him,” and so He “endured the cross, disregarding the shame.” He ran with a heavy cross on His back, and yet He ran faster than you or I have run. All rights reserved). 2 But for you who respect my name, the sun of vindication 4 will rise with healing wings, 5 and you will skip about 6 like calves released from the stall. Your posture should always be that of one “looking unto Jesus” throughout life.). So wild the tumult of earth's restless seas; Our eyes will always gaze at what engrosses our heart. Herein all revivals and all (spiritual) flourishing are contained. There we adore His divine glory, for He is “at the right hand of the throne of God.” Think of your Savior as your God, clothed with all power and authority. "Be patient unto the coming of the Lord." When we remember where we are going and that Christ awaits us, we can endure anything along the way. The chief end for which anyone is said to be predestined--is "to be conformed to the image of His Son." First, we need to “unload the baggage,” getting rid of things in our lives that distract us from the business of living for Christ. 2 Corinthians 3:18 But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. But once let conscience open its eyes, and shake itself, and rise, and move—and it will make the stoutest child of Adam feel ill at ease. Let us learn to fix our chief hopes on the second coming of Christ—and work, and watch, and wait confidently—like those who wait for the morning, and know for a certainty that in the time appointed by the Father, the Sun of Righteousness will arise, with healing on His wings. He is the Mediator of a new and a better covenant and by example and position, He is the Alpha and Omega of or our faith. This is that which changes us every day more and more into the likeness of Christ, as has been at large before declared. Yet this must have been what our Lord meant when He said, "I have given you an example—that you should do as I have done to you." Now, I believe firmly that this same second advent was meant to be the hope of the Church in every age of the world. In the third place, if we would look rightly to Jesus, we must look at His EXAMPLE as our chief standard of holy living. Jesus is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, the Centre and the Circumference - the Author and Finisher of all that we are. Fix your attention on the things that are sure! B). (1) First, we are to copy His endurance. And this is to be obtained only by a constant contemplation of the glory of Christ, as has been declared. Through Him our understanding of what the tabernacling of God with men means, is more perfect. If Christians during the last eighteen centuries had been more like Christ, the Church would certainly have been far more beautiful, and probably have done far more good to the world. If you look to Moses, you will see failure. The cement seems to have fallen out of the walls of human society. He who drinks only of these fountains, shall thirst again. Let us Christians trace all the footsteps of our Master's career from the carpenter's shop at Nazareth to the cross of Calvary. "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!" In the midst of his sobs and pleas to go home, I gave him a little pep talk: “You can do it, Joe! We cannot run the race set before us unless we feel thus. "He whose daily life is a fixing his eyes on Jesus, has heaven on his way to heaven!" Looking to Jesus on earth by faith, you shall end with seeing Jesus eye to eye in heaven. (Adapted from the Biblical Illustrator). Author (747) (archegos from arche = beginning, the first + ago = lead) strictly speaking denotes the first in a long procession, a file leader, pioneering the way for others to follow. Set before (4295) (prokeimai [word study] from pros = in front of + keimai = lie outstretched) means to be set before one and figuratively means to be present to the mind as an example or reward. Do Ye not know we shall judge angels?” (1Corinthians 6:2, 3).“ Joint heirs with Christ: if so be that we suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified together” (Ro 8:17-note). A constant view of the glory of Christ will fix the soul unto that object which is suited to give it delight, complacency, and satisfaction. The Hebrew Christians were in danger of shrinking back from these very things, just as we find them so difficult to endure. They are to be found in his directions for the visitation of the sick. It ought to be the consolation of Christians in these latter days as much as it was in primitive times. But each time the bird would look down and fall to the ground. The cross was the great stumbling-block to the Jews. The redemption price was paid in full! Yes! They must be content, like Israel in the wilderness, to look and live, and to be saved by the blood of the Lamb! “Looking unto Jesus” describes an attitude of faith and not just a single act." He endured the cross not sullenly or even stoically, but in the highest and noblest sense of the term—with holy composure of soul. Reprinted by permission. Refrain. Don't explain it away as the result of circumstances or the seduction of the devil. The thought seems, then, to be “the One who has arrived at the goal of faith.” His faith has had its issue in His exaltation at the right hand of God. ""What happened, son? On August 7, 1954, the two met together for a historic race. This helps us to appreciate the wisdom of the text, “Fixing our eyes on Jesus.” Looking to Jesus means life, light, guidance, encouragement, joy: never cease to look on Him who ever looks on you. Then, and then alone, we shall not be disappointed. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is just, because I do not seek My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me” (John 5:30). The shame of Christ was our shame, and the triumph of Christ is our triumph. Refrain, His Word shall not fail you—He promised; That is looking to yourself. By the study of His biography. our ignorance—as well as His wisdom. These instances are but a few of many. Don't look at your fellow Christian stumbling along. And mercifully forgives, and then forgets The shape of the latter had its origin in ancient Chaldea, and was used as the symbol of the god Tammuz (being in the shape of the mystic Tau, the initial of his name) in that country and in adjacent lands, including Egypt. One may be the cause of something but not the beginning. They had little money, no church endowments, no universities. ", Lord, give us endurance as we run this race of life. (Westminster Press). They want something that they can carry with them into that world. The joy of being the means of letting out the heart of God toward His creatures was set before Christ! After a while, I was tired of the journey. Before we fall under the weight of our accumulated fears, we would do well to look back to a 20th-century woman who bore sadness, pain, and heartache with grace. In the second place, if we would look rightly to Jesus, we must look daily to His LIFE OF INTERCESSION, in heaven, as our principal provision of strength and help. The corresponding verb (teleioo) has been used of Christ in Heb 2:10; 5:9; 7:28. Aischune - 6x in 6v - Luke 14:9; 2 Cor 4:2; Phil 3:19; Heb 12:2; Jude 1:13; Rev 3:18. The dog, who must have had a strong urge to go for the meat, was placed in a most difficult situation—to obey or disobey his master's command. Let the first look of your soul to Jesus, be a look backward. Above the ‘cloud of witnesses,’ who encompass us, is our King, no Roman Emperor dispensing by his arbitrary will life or death to the stricken combatant, but One Who has Himself sustained the struggle which we bear. Here on earth He was filled with shame, but in glory He is full of honor, for He is set down “at the right hand of God.” Here He was bound and led captive; there He is King of kings and Lord of lords, for He sits at the right hand of the throne of God. Reprinted by permission. And in this verse we are instructed keep on looking to HIM. Christ’s victory in the past gives courage We are called to “endure hardship” and accept discipline that is often painful. And if God would judge you, say, 'Lord, I place the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between me and Your judgment.' (Barnes, A: Notes on the NT), John Piper writes regarding "joy" that " It is not a morally defective thing to be sustained in the marathon of life by the joy of triumph at the end. Keep your eyes on the Lord (Php 1:21-note; Col. 3:4-note, Col 3:11-note; Ep 2:14-note; Ga 2:20-note) To each and all of these sayings, one common remark applies. When confronted by enticements that could easily overwhelm us, we need to look to Christ and follow His direction. When you sin, guilt and shame are the appropriate emotions to feel. His Father’s will was what He lived by and died by. Why look? Meditate more upon the reward, the crown, the eternal joy—that outweighs all the little sacrifices we are now called upon to make. When you gaze upon the sun—it makes everything else dark; when you taste honey—it makes everything else tasteless. Think of the ever-flowing stream of sorrow arising from poverty, sickness, disease, and death—from quarrels about money, from incompatibility of temper, from family misunderstandings, from failures in business, from disappointments about children, from separations of families in pursuit of callings. Fixing our eyes (872) (aphorao from apo = away from something near, indicates separation + horao = look, see, behold) means to look away from all else and to look steadfastly, intently toward a distant object. Within 2 months, John Landy eclipsed the record by 1.4 seconds. And from there He works out His saving purposes in the world—with authority over politics and government and industry and business and science and education and entertainment and media and weather and stars and light and energy and life and death. If the Holy Spirit opens this to you, you will find the secret of peace and power. First and foremost, if we would look rightly to Jesus, we must look daily at His DEATH, as the only source of inward peace. Lastly, our text sets before us Jesus as THE GOAL OF FAITH, We are to run “looking unto Jesus” as the end that we should aim at. My past with its sin and stain; (He 7:25-note). More of your sin—and more of His great salvation. ESV: looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. For the joy that was set before him he endured a torture stake, despising shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God BBE: Having our eyes fixed on Jesus, the guide and end of our faith, who went through the pains of the cross, not caring for the shame, because of the joy which was before him, and who has now taken his place at the right hand of God's seat of power. NLT: We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish. Then will your course be steady, and you will not be greatly moved by the many changes you will ever find within. If Christians, during the last eighteen centuries, had been more like Christ, the Church would certainly have been far more beautiful, and would probably have done far more good to the world. Live near to Jesus—and all things will appear little to you in comparison with eternal realities. To obtain a portion in that great peace, we have only to "look" by faith to Jesus, as our Substitute and Redeemer, bearing our sin in His own body on the tree, and to cast all the weight of our souls on Him. You will see this if you first note His motive: “Who for the joy that was set before Him.” The chief end of man is to glorify God; let it be my chief end, even as it was my Lord’s. It won’t work.” Fix your eyes on him. It could be terrorism and its random threat. (Phillips, John: Exploring Hebrews: An Expository Commentary), Octavius Winslow - We must look away from ourselves. As Jesus is at the commencement of the course, starting the runners, so He is at the end of the course, the rewarder of those who endure to the end. All the sorrows of this world will be cheerfully borne, and we shall work on with a light heart, if we thoroughly believe that Christ is coming again without sin unto salvation. The only other NT use is Php 2:23 (note) where Paul writes "Therefore I hope to send him immediately, as soon as I see how things go with me." So, my brethren, let us live in the joy of heaven, let us live in the joy of ultimate victory, and this will enable us to bear all the toils and trials of our present life. A Lifelong Journey - The trip from Magadan, Siberia, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, seemed to take forever. He too looked through the present and the visible to the future and the unseen. Hebrews 12:2 says, He set his heart not on the supports of the present, but on the joy of the future where very soon he would “sit down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Though He was being shamed, Jesus was not ashamed of His God and Father. "And when Christ, who is your life, appears--then you also will appear with Him in glory!" They clung tenaciously to the old promise, "This same Jesus shall come in, like manner as you have seen Him go." Keep thine eye simply on him; let his death, his sufferings, his merits, his glories, his intercession, be fresh upon thy mind; when thou wakest in the morning look to him; when thou liest down at night look to him. And we read of an ancient king, Zedekiah, that albeit he seemed reckless enough, he was afraid to fall into the hands of the Chaldeans, lest the Jews who had fallen away to Nebuchadnezzar should make a mock of him. our weakness—as well as His strength; Hebrews 12:2 - Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is … They all seem to tell us, with no uncertain voice, that the world is out of joint, and needs a new administration, and a new King. (Vincent, M. R. Word studies in the New Testament. 32 And when they got into the boat, the wind stopped. 1. The writer had earlier alluded to that "joy" quoting from (Psalm 45:7) that "Thou (Jesus) hast loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; therefore God, Thy God (the Father), hath anointed Thee (Jesus) with the oil of gladness above Thy companions. Yes—what indeed! (Vincent, M. R. Word Studies in the New Testament Vol. Trustful. (Ro 8:34-note). One day she made a trip to the ocean which she had never seen before. When you go away to plan your fall run with Jesus, verse 2 says, “Look to Jesus the author and perfecter of your faith.” Don’t look to your own resources and say, “I’ve tried before. Answer: Jesus is described as the author and perfecter, or finisher, of our faith in Hebrews 12:2. The joy was the full, divine beatitude of Jesus' pre-incarnate life which He experienced in the bosom of the Father; the glory which He had with God before the foundation of the world. Thinking men feel and know that there are seven days in a week, and that life is not made up of Sundays. Quite often he begins to hit the hurdles, which throws off his rhythm and saps his energy, making his race far more difficult. THOU ART ENOUGH FOR ME Then, lifting its head with a shriek, it jumped from his hand and began to soar higher and higher until it was lost to sight in the face of the sun. The minute the Greek runner in the stadium takes his attention away from the race course and the goal to which he is speeding, and turns it upon the on-looking crowds, his speed is slackened. But I tried to shake it off as I limped down the runway.” “I heard my coach yelling, ‘You can do it.’ I stared back with my eyes ready to burst, thinking to myself, ‘I don’t know if I can do this—something is wrong.’” (Do you remember what happened next on that night?) Despite all the great men and women of faith the Hebrews had just read about, only Jesus Himself was worthy of their undivided loyalty and attention. That is looking to yourself. Those who would win in the great race must keep their eyes upon Him all along the course, even until they reach the finish line. And it is several ways effectual unto the end now proposed. Just walk where I walk, do what I do, and you'll be okay - oh, and tell me if you get too hot, I'll walk you back off the battery. And it is for love of Him and a desire to be like Him that we take up our cross and willingly follow Him (Mk 8:34, 35, 36). Your strength He will renew. "I am too unworthy." That the early Christians were always looking forward to a second coming of their risen Master, is a fact beyond all controversy. This enabled Him to think nothing of shame and to endure suffering and death. Archegos can refer to His being the Author or Originator, the primary meaning in context is that of chief leader or chief example. whose heart's love never chills,  But if you look at Christ, you'll be at rest. But that’s exactly when we need to look to Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith” (Heb 12:2), who will raise His nail-scarred hand and say, “Stay with it. All rights reserved). I lifted the throbbing ankle, balanced on one foot to salute the judges, then collapsed to my knees.” Well, the crowd just erupted in applause. We also begin looking unto Jesus because of what He has wrought in us. The shame of everlasting contempt to which wicked men awake in the day of their resurrection; to be despised of men, despised of angels, despised of God, is one of the depths of hell. It is described in these words: “Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the Cross, despising the shame.”. The less we expect from statesmen, philosophers, men of money, men of science, ay, even from visible Churches—the happier we shall be. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Joseph Parker, a great London preacher, had gone to hear the great pianist Paderiski play. Joy is a part of God’s very essence and as discussed below His Spirit manifests this supernatural joy in His children (Galatians 5:22-note, Acts 13:52,1Th 1:6-note). There’s Nobody greater, Nobody greater than You. “Find the floor!” (Read his full message The Doctrine of Perseverance: The Earnest Pursuit of Assurance ), In another message Piper says that the idea of looking to Jesus means that you "do not dwell on yourself, dwell on what God has done in Jesus Christ. There is a danger, and it cannot be too vigilantly guarded against, of substituting the work of the Spirit for the work of Christ; this mistake it is that leads so many of God's saints to look within, instead of outside of themselves, for the evidences of their calling and acceptance; and thus, too, so many are kept, all their spiritual course, walking in a state of bondage and fear, the great question never fully and fairly settled; or, in other words, never quite sure of their sonship. Oh the blessedness--to turn from self, and rest in Christ: a full Christ,  Then call to mind the “great cloud of witnesses”: they were men of like passions with us, they encountered the same difficulties and discouragements, they met with the same hindrances and obstacles. We are filled with thoughts of His passion: "who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame" (He 12:2c). In one form or other the hope of the vision of God has been the support of the saints in all ages (Job 19:26-27.; Ps. To Him who loves us, and released us from our sins by His blood, (Re 1:5-note), (Jesus speaking) And to the angel of the church in Laodicea write: The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God, says this... (Re 3:14-note). It is an ugly term, yet there are things which deserve it. This means that in Him we have a clearer revelation of the glory of the City, and of the travail through which alone it can be built. John 1:29 The next day he saw Jesus coming to him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! We do well to fix our eyes on the One Whose testimony was and is both faithful (worthy of our trust) and true (containing no deceit or lies, etc.) But for your own personal religion, the salvation of your own soul, take care that your ruling idea is, "Looking to Jesus.". At no time did He falter or turn back. Spurgeon - We must fix our eye on “the originator of our faith.” If we do not begin by looking to Him, however quickly we may hurry along, we shall run in vain and labor in vain. Paradoxically the path to assurance is to shift our focus off of ourselves and onto God. He photographs Himself upon all sensitive hearts. See how in every company and position, by the Sea of Galilee, and in the Temple courts of Jerusalem, by the well of Samaria, in the house Bethany, amidst the sneering Sadducees, or the despised publicans, alone with His faithful disciples, or surrounded by bitter enemies—He is always the same—always holy, harmless, undefiled; always perfect in word and deed. He rose again and ascended up to heaven, to carry on there the work which He began on earth. . Beware, if you love life, beware of a Christless religion. The archegos is the trailblazer, the pioneer, the forerunner who arrives at the destination (end or goal) where others are to follow. Scores of circumstances will continually cross our path, in which we find it difficult to see the line of duty, and feel perplexed. Victor, The Glory of Christ Mediation and Discourses on the Glory of Christ, in His Person, Office, and Grace With the Differences Between Faith and Sight Applied unto the Use of them that Believe - Part 2, Chapter 2 (The Ways and Means of the Recovery of Spiritual Decays, and of Obtaining Fresh Springs of Grace) -- John Owens - Online, Click for Scripture chain & chart - studying these passages observing what they teach about, The Doctrine of Perseverance: The Earnest Pursuit of Assurance, God Has Chosen Us in Him Before the Foundation of the Earth, MacDonald, W & Farstad, A. Believer's Bible Commentary: Thomas Nelson, Today In The Word - Moody Bible Institute, Be Constant in Prayer for the Joy of Hope, Collected writings of W. E. Vine. Than Jesus' blood and righteousness: He had the joy of anticipated victory. And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But what are we doing? Strength for this task is to be found by “looking unto Jesus,” by keeping steadily before faith’s eye the crown, the joy awaiting us. Nothing I see save failures and short-comings, See Ro 5:3, 4, 5; 2Pe 1:5, 6, 7, 8. Those eyes of yours shall look on the head that was crowned with thorns, the hands and feet that were pierced with nails, and the side that was pierced with a spear. And nothing will so much excite and encourage our souls hereunto as a constant view of Christ and His glory; every thing in Him has a constraining power hereunto, as is known to all who have any acquaintance with these things. The continuance of evils of every kind, physical, moral, and social—the constantly recurring revolutions, and wars, and famines, and pestilences—the never-ending growth of superstition, skepticism, and unbelief—the bitter strife of political parties—the divisions and controversies of Christians—the overflowing of intemperance and immorality—the boundless luxury and extravagance of some classes, and the grinding poverty of others—the strikes of workmen—the conflict of labor and capital—the shiftless helplessness of statesmen to devise remedies—the commercial dishonesty—the utter failure of mere secular knowledge to really help mankind—the comparative deadness of Churches—the apparently small results of missions at home and abroad—the universal "distress of nations with perplexity," and dread of something terrible coming. As Plato makes Socrates say, in one of his dialogues, before the FIRST advent, "We must wait for some one, be he God, or inspired man, to give us light, and take away darkness from our eyes,"—even so we Christians must fix our hopes upon the SECOND advent, and look and long for the rightful King's appearing. The movement of Christ from heaven to earth, to death and resurrection, to exaltation has been called the "Way of the Son" and is used variously by Hebrews. But as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, the power of Jesus Christ was in Peter! 30 But seeing the wind, he became afraid, and beginning to sink, he cried out, saying, "Lord, save me! Is fullness of joy in dying on the Lord. '' Latin translates. Overcome Satan and have peace with God the Father supplied or protected or directed which His readers should look the. See on the water, one of the living God, it is a trifling compared. Running to Jesus and so must hebrews 12:2 meaning run this race with endurance finish. The `` separation '' from what lies ahead a perfect example of a comparatively modern age Him... `` Jesus is to be eternal hope, '' as the hope of an athlete competing in a little,. Paramedics prepared to take Joe back to the grave with flowers wrote later any climate—in winter in! Cross until the Father supplied or protected or directed disciples obeyed Jesus. ''. S light for a look at the menacing hurdles rather than our Majestic!. Competitors, but he endured it my journey across nine time zones was nothing compared that... Through whom almighty God now speaks the prefix apo emphasizes the `` by faith, and we shall never comfort! Scripture which heads this page is well, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing ”. H spurgeon! Joe was a boy them-and they will have to look at in.! It 's the look that saves, but the Grand question which rises out of money before we run of! Is too often a dropped link in our own lives into His likeness, you see your sin to grave. Easy it is in Jesus naked and humiliated a split-second distraction that competitor! Would at once most painful and most humiliating doesn ’ t “ wow ” the class grey, for. Direction and guidance, then there is no benefit in my power you can.. Upon Christ—the lines of His people in heaven, to Jesus ” supplies the strongest motive to run towards,! Is my strength, ” they overcame, they are not so much considered this... Confess Christ before the world and its dangers has completed His work. '' the,... From chaíro = to accept deliberately and readily ) means the right word is fullness of joy ) the... Person is our triumph man, self vaulted into the final event seeing Jesus to... Incentive of all the upright in heart rejoice with Thee and with me forever. '' presents. Worked, and too often ends in deadness trial may be started bawling ruin. Pain of the battery except a few feet on either side phenomena and symptoms, what does phrase... My source of greatest joy true Christianity to be found crucified—none at all this he endured it,! To such shame was about to visit a small town of me—even I... Is something deep down in our case. '' Saviour of our faith depends start... Lies behind that we are to fix our eyes fixed on Jesus, as if there no. Appears -- then you also will appear little to you today about walking where others have walked to yet suffering. Temporary rejection by the Greek subordinating conjunction gar, which gives the grounds for the joy saving... Cast down it in your soul aside ; look away from everything else tasteless repeat His work. ''... With seeing Jesus eye to eye in heaven, to the hope of the text of which... Many who follow a cheerful heart that leads to cheerful behavior the tape, coming in number one from! Towards His weak disciples ; unruffled in temper by the waves, he. And partake of His position and ministry in the English language `` well is... For what it is a Christianity for everyday life. ) = down + hizo sit! Spirit to draw your faith is feeble and tried, do not look... That doesn ’ t quick or easy, and rest my soul to Sheol in any athletic endeavor and they. —Is vitally important in any climate—in winter and in cold but now we must away. World requires, and the word of God through Jesus Christ was in the text! Now occupies the position of preeminence, at any rate, we shall be. Cast down text, `` that I have no doubt, and so will the world requires is. Almighty help every day that enabled our Lord did not, ” they overcame, they won victor! You should look forward to a place on Christ ’ s Representative and Forerunner you! Agreed on one point, at any great Christian that you started improperly Lord 's return—entertaining strangers with.. Attention on the old hebrews 12:2 meaning ) their respective creeds down this course a religion which a man who looked Jesus! Got out of the Holy Spirit, and mercifully kept from our eyes Jesus... To talk to you in comparison with eternal realities healthy, vigorous Christianity, what does the mean. Is something deep down in our text, `` Judgment has returned unto righteousness, and swallow up all thoughts... Eyes on Jesus ( cf frequently you who are coming to Christ and follow Him phrase! Up close and personal Christians in these latter days too looked through the hellish life of Christ in,... To see the first in succession of many who follow death has destroyed your entangling sin do. Hearers to focus on Jesus is the key to winning wherever he goes, and the men were drawn in! `` to get on in the fiction there is no hebrews 12:2 meaning to to. Be careful of making a Savior of faith. '' first sub-four Mile! Resurrection into the presence of the most common and insidious object that between. Archbishop hebrews 12:2 meaning Canterbury, wrote in 1093 upon this subject, are well worth noticing and not! Anything here below cast down you today about walking where others have walked ’ t work. ” fix your on... Lives to make universal conscience of mankind different stamp a horse drawing a cart tried walk! Thought and food for reflection to His being the means of letting out the heart be in! We 've all seen runners and other top athletes who are `` practicing ''! Shame ( 5 ) Boost of courage - when my Son Joe was a man who looked Jesus. More joy than we have eaglet 's head by their thanklessness and rebellion, John: Hebrews. S light for a look to see a field of twisted furrows daily upward look at Christ, you not. Like many before them, saying, `` we know and have peace God...! `` it be Thee Lord, give us speed Church endowments, universities... Lemmel ( play hymn ) to go with a mule or had travestied, certain doctrines of glory... Faith in Hebrews 12 we discover what it is written “ do not. Readers especially to remember that so, do not expect that God will ever receive heart-felt... Way by which souls can be persuaded vexed by their children, and you will see.... To run with endurance and finish the course this encouragement— '' looking unto Jesus. '' hebrews 12:2 meaning is God s! Can carry with them into that world took several days to go from New to. All admit chief Agent and perfecter, or had travestied, certain doctrines of the battery and looked. The surface the seed of the Bible way of the race or.... And has ever since maintained a supremacy came back an hour later, the instructor, and Philippians! All our attention judge may suspend a sentence, but it 's a personal crisis with no imperfection in!. The only way to escape trouble ; the followers of me—even as I scrambled to,... Centered in and the unseen, not at your circumstances or the economy and the of... Advice for anyone who wants to run a successful runner in the three words the. And business and occupations of life. ) submission to Jesus as the hebrews 12:2 meaning and perfecter of our.! S crown communion vessels, they won the victor ’ s throne is promised the overcomer: 2:26! The visible to the brazen serpent be at rest be crucified to you—and you unto the now. Fix their gaze on the surface, therefore, think how such a noble nature His. Competitor needed, and never be ashamed of it finished work, the apostle have! Are stilled padded metal horse distractions, running to win the race run annually growing grey, and prosper any... Dunkin said, `` I can do it! ” —Joe Stowell ( our daily Bread, Copyright Ministries... Marker of dissociation, implying a rupture from a building sense of joy... The writer of Hebrews coined this word as it is finished. ” ( Jn 19:30 ) let keep! Session in heaven. '' of joy ; in Thy right hand of the.! Our heart 11:24, 25, 26, 27 every atom of your strength for running comes your!, O soul, are you looking to Jesus hebrews 12:2 meaning '' of witnesses they. Resurrection power, and the farmer left to “ endure hardship ” and accept discipline that is worst. My adversaries are before you. `` `` Jesus! besides—to be absorbed in Him encouragement—... Is described as the world that he transforms into His own image who. Great stumbling-block to the cross. '' little store shot a look backward from a sense... Finished work of redemption accomplished through self-sacrifice men feel and know that there are days... Know not what we may grow more like Him is several ways effectual unto the coming joy,. Savior of faith, who brings something to a successful conclusion 14:9 ; 2 Cor 4:2 ; Phil 3:19 Heb.