CO 2 evolution and O 2 uptake are dependent on light. Under such circumstances, RuBisCO, the enzyme that catalyses the carboxylation of RuBP during the first step of Calvin cycle, functions as an oxygenase. 0% average accuracy. Some of the energy and fixed carbon are wasted by the photorespiration by the enzyme called RuBP oxygenase-carboxylase. Photorespiration is a type of respiration process occurs in plants in presence of light and at higher concentrations of oxygen. The photorespiration is also called C2 cycle or glycolate metabolism since the first stable product of the photorespiration reaction is a 2 carbon compound called glycolate . Save. 0. Occurs only in photosynthetic cells. Water Vapor. DRAFT. 2. Its functioning involves chloroplasts, mitochondria and perioxysomes. Photorespiration occurs when ____ is used in the Calvin Cycle instead of Carbon Dioxide gas. Played 0 times. The Example are . Some O 2 does bind to RuBisCO and hence C … answer choices . 10th - 12th grade . Photosynthesis and photorespiration are two processes that occur in plants. Photorespiration Occurs. PhotoRespiration. Occurs in all living cells. a few seconds ago. 1. It occurs in temperate C3 plants such as rice, wheat, barley, bean etc. It takes place only in mitochondria. Photorespiration. Photorespiration is a phenomenon that occurs in the cycle (a) Pyruvate (b) Glycolate (c) Hill (d) Krebs Answer: (b) Glycolate 2. 3. Photorespiration occurs when ____ is used in the Calvin Cycle instead of Carbon Dioxide gas. Photorespiration occurs usually when there is the high concentration of oxygen. Tags: Question 2 . saiyidah394_25537. a few seconds ago. The rate of the process increases in the range of 25 to 30°C. First, oxygen is added to carbon. Other articles where Photorespiration is discussed: photosynthesis: Light intensity and temperature: …land plants, a process called photorespiration occurs, and its influence upon photosynthesis increases with rising temperatures. Wheat, Rice, Barley Etc. Edit. The energy wastage occurs during (a) dark reaction (b) photorespiration (c) photosynthesis (d) none of the above Answer: (b) photorespiration 3. However, photosynthesis is an important process while photorespiration is a wasteful process. In other words, the carbon is oxidized , which is the reverse of photosynthesis—the reduction of carbon to carbohydrate. Oxygen Gas. The process of photorespiration … All Exam Results 2020 . … PhotoRespiration DRAFT. 0 times. Photorespiration is the chemical processes that occur within a living organism of phosphoglycolate that is produced during oxygenation catalyzed by the enzyme RubisCO and inhibits photosynthesis by interfering with CO2 fixation by RubisCO. 0. Photorespiration is the Process in Which the Rubisco Binds With the Oxygen Instead Of Carbon Dioxide Due to the Increase In Its Concentration in the Green Parts of the Plant. The process of photorespiration depends on the two basic effects: TEMPERATURE: plays an important role in photorespiration. Nitrogen Gas. 10th - 12th grade. In 1963 Krotkov introduced photorespiration term by the explaining “the release of carbon dioxide in respiration in the presence of light”. Biology. Hydrogen Ion. Dark respiration. Photosynthesis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1. Photorespiration reduces the efficiency of photosynthesis for a couple of reasons. by saiyidah394_25537. Photorespiration was first demonstrated by Dicker and Tio (1959) in tobacco and the term, photorespiration, was given by Krotkov in the year 1963. Edit.