Now joined with son Lane McNew at LMSH so come visit us to learn from the masters in farriery. The 2-week option introduces the basics of trimming and shoeing, while the longer advanced courses are for those wanting to pursue a career as a farrier. Please contact our office for registration information! Farrier training is a process—and one that takes time and dedication. Eight Week Farrier Course. Review: Forging and … This course is designed for those that want to become leaders in the farrier industry. FARRIER SCHOOL AT ILLINOIS ... offered him an apprenticeship in 2010 after he completed what was then a 12-week course. 2004. Menu. Check out the complete information and application to enroll under the heading I researched between 20-25 schools throughout the country and chose Kentucky Horseshoeing School. Our school allows you to attend on a full-time, part-time basis. Ask us about our 16 and 24 week courses. Course made for those wishing to start a career as a professional farrier and pursue farrier certification. I am located in Middle Tennessee, but am will to travel wherever in the country is needed. The 8 week course is $6500.00. At max, I'd like to be gone for only 8 weeks, so somewhere that offers an 8 week program. Proudly created with Prior to going to Kentucky , I had never swung a hammer in my life. 2 Week ... $1,600. We exist to bring educated, competent farriers into the work force that not only know the theory behind maintenance and correction of the equine foot, but … Click on "Attendance Options" to learn more. “ Having previously earned 2 Masters degrees, going to horseshoeing school was a profound change in my life. About Us. $150. Contact Us. ©2019 by Idaho Horseshoeing School. Book appointments by calling the clinic at 765-505-3023! Calendar. Lookout Mountain School of Horseshoeing and Tom McNew have been shoeing horses for over 50 years. Farriery is an amazing trade/craft with over 3000 years of history and use of the horse .The aim then was to keep the horse sound and in work just as it is now, although the use of the horse has changed some what. OKLAHOMA HORSESHOEING SCHOOL IAPF Member: Jack Roth DVM CME APF Instructors: Matthew Milligan AF and James Triplett CJF II APF 26446 Horseshoe Circle, Purcell, OK 73080 Phone: 405-288-6085 or 800-538-1383 E-mail: [email protected] Website: The Practical Farrier Course is 8 weeks, and this is the shortest amount of time that we feel we can turn out a competent farrier that is ready to make a living. Week 2/10 Heartland Horseshoeing School, 2011 Heartland Horseshoeing School. At one time, there was a 6-week course at HHS. Welcome To Tucson School of Horseshoeing Here at TSH we strive for excellence in the horseshoeing industry. 208 313 8332. Appointments start at 9 AM and fill up fast so be sure to schedule soon! A farrier is a person who fits horses for shoes, trims hooves and works with horses in regard to proper hoof-care. They include everything in the 8 and 12 week course, plus a lot more of it. The links listed below are provided for informational purposes only and reflect that a particular educational program or school owner is a current member of the American Farrier’s Association. I am looking to attend a farrier school next year. Satisfactory performance and adherence to the Guidelines for the Farrier Program, as outlined on a separate page in the application package, will allow the student to complete the course. FARRIER U. by Emmet Stevens Horseshoeing. More than 85% of Oklahoma Horseshoeing School graduates go on to become gainfully employed in the … Texas Horseshoeing School specializes in farrier work and horseshoeing under the direction of instructor John Burgin. A $250.00 deposit is required to hold a spot in class. Since its beginning, the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School has trained men and women from all over the world. Our goal for our 16 week students is for them to be prepared to take the highest and most difficult level of certification offered in the United States, which is the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier test. Horseshoeing Course (2 weeks) Instruction includes shoeing the hoof, trimming, forge work, fieldwork and hands-on experience with horses. Perhaps you will be the next star of this amazing craft, and Heartland Horseshoeing School is the best place for you to start. The balance of $6250.00 will be due on the first day of class and is fully refundable if you decide, by the end of day 5 of the first week of class, that horseshoeing is not for you. est. Advanced Horseshoeing Course 24 Weeks , 960 Hours – $12,000.00. Tuition Cost Includes: Hands on Training, Clean Lodging, 2 Hot Meals A Day, Farrier Tools, Anvil, Forges, Books, Farrier Business, Farrier Science & Excellent Staff! Farrier Training. Acceptance is probationary during the first two weeks of the program. We would love to help you succeed and be next. To be eligible to take the Practicing Farrier Course, applicants must have graduated from Mission, or any other recognized school, or have 2-years of experience as a farrier. 5 Courses to Choose From: 2-days to 24-weeks. 8 Week Certified Farrier Course. [email protected] Getting Started with Our School FAQ Hello and thank you for your time and interest in our school. 16 Week Journeyman Farrier Course: If you do not like to settle for mediocre, this course is for you. Tuition: The 8 week course is $6500.00. Home. We have over 20 years dedicated to being one of the top shoeing schools in the nation and have decades of graduates all over the world. The Arkansas Horseshoeing School’s basic farrier course, is designed to transform the beginning student into an entry-level farrier and give a solid foundation for a professional farrier career. Midwest Horseshoeing School. Our 8-week course includes: The program includes classroom instruction, forging and shoeing practice, and field work. Courses. 599 N 2850 E Roberts, Jefferson County 83444 USA. Direct links to course pages; 8 week farrier course 12 week course 16 week course (no link) 24 week course (no link) 24 week Modern Materials and Advanced Forging Course.