Skincare for Skin Health

Maintaining skin is an obligation for everyone. Men and women also of all ages. Not only as a beauty but maintaining the skin is also part of taking care of a healthy body. Because the skin is an important part of the body as a protector. So basically taking care of skin health is a must be a priority for all people.

At least, it’s what Crushlicious want to deliver from their new product. We provide that goal and want to change the stigma that skincare products are only made for women who want to care for their beauty. The newest product, Citrus Glow On Mask is formulated to help us maintain healthy skin, detoxify toxins, and ward off free radicals.

Photo session of the Citrus Glow on Mask product from Crushlicious includes photo products and on the model. The studio is set with a homey nuance to give a warm and simple impression but still fits the product theme that is fresh, fun, and lovely.

Time Stamp/Crew



Stylish: Nabhila Anastri

MUA: Citra

Talent: Minsoo Seong & Ineke Valentina

Project Manager: Rifky Ihsan

Photographer: Agung Maulana

Gaffer: M Dwi

Video Concept by Ferdy  F Budiman

Video Edited by Amilio Garcia

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